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Vmac VR70


VMAC are the leaders in offering vehicle mounted mobile air compressor systems. Our success comes from the unique technology that integrates the compressor onto the vehicle’s engine and electronic control systems. Delivering a constant 70CFM* and upto 175psi, this is the most powerful engine mounted compressor available. 


Fully Engineered Including Full FEA And Stress Analysis

Vmac and VMAC have over 100 years combined collective knowledge, experience and direct vehicle manufacturer relationships to allow us to efficiently provide superior design, analysis and fully engineered mount and drive solutions. Accurate physical measurement, 3D parametric computer aided design, FEA validation, 3D printing, test fitting, pattern tooling unique in-house CNC machining, quality & CMM Inspection through to traceability batch and process control.


Work In Extreme Cold And Hot Conditions

The Vmac VR70 has been designed and has a proven track record in the harshest of environments. Extreme cold to blistering heat the VR70 is engineered to work where you do.


Free Up Space – Reduce Weight – Maximise Payload

Just imagine your compressed air system is integrated with your vehicles engine, eliminating a second engine, health and safety issues, noise and exhaust emissions. Instant compressed air available at the touch of a button. No timely delays waiting for the air to build up, instant and on demand. With zero footprint in your payload area the VmacVR70 frees up valuable space for transporting additional tools and equipment, preparing you for any job.



100% Duty Cycle – Handle Anything On Your Job Site

The powerful VMAC rotary screw compressor provides continuous high volume air to run a wide range of pneumatic tools including impact wrenches, grinders, road breakers, air guns and post pounders. The Vmac VR70 is ideal for service vehicle tyre service, utility and street maintenance fleets.



Easy To Operate

With the engine idling and handbrake applied, a simple on/off switch turns on the compressor system. Once on, an electric clutch engages on the compressor, the engine idles up, and the rotary screw compressor delivers a steady, continuous flow of air to your tools.